• Othello Master

    Othello Master

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    • 支持语言:简体中文
    • 游戏属性:单机
    • 更新时间:2014-04-25
    • 游戏大小:8.3 MB
    • 游戏资费:免费
    • 游戏类型:休闲益智
    • 开发商:Arrak Rukkharat
    • 最低支持:Android2.2及以上


If you're a big fan of board games, don't miss out.

This is a reversi game for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Get it for FREE today.


- With single player mode, you play against the computer player. There are different levels for you to enjoy- easy to hard.

- It support multiplayers, so you can play it with your friends or family!

- It's totally customizable. You can choose black or white.

- The game guides you all the legal moves to help spot a chip.

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Enjoy the game!